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Safe Lingerie Tape

Product Description
$ 8.95

Product Information:

  • A new generation of products Adhesive tape is 3 meters in length.
  • Double-sided secret tape for all body applications. 
  • Fashion Tape
  • This fashion tape is a transparent double-sided tape that does not hide your skin's natural color providing a discreet, gentle and skin-friendly solution to keep your clothes and accessories perfectly in place.
  • Ideal for wearing Helter neck, Deep Plunge and open-sided fashions where your look needs a little tweaking.
  • Simply cut the required amount from the roll and stick to the skin ensuring that the skin is clean, dry & free from any cream or moisturizers before applying.
  • When you know where you would like the garment to sit, remove the backing paper and press the garment firmly in place for a few seconds.


100% brand new and packed in a clear plastic bag

Size approx 16mm x 3 metres

This tape is discreet and clear

Please note:

The adhesive contains silicone. Although this fashion tape contains high quality hypoallergenic medical tape, we still recommend that you perform a skin test before extending use for long hours, not recommended for those with sensitive skin. Do not use on rashes, sores, skin disorders, sun damaged, sunburned skin or open cuts, or if you currently have or had a family history of, skin depigmentation problems. All skin types are different, if signs of irritation, rash or discomfort of any kind appear, remove the tape immediately. If irritation continues please consult your doctor. We suggest you wear these for no more than 6 hours. Once removed they may leave a red mark which will disappear soon after.