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Formal Ruffle Lovely Soft Collar Bib

Product Description
$ 10.99 $ 19.99


  • Perfect for formal occasions such as birthdays, holiday events, and especially for baptism.
  • Made from 100% cotton, the drool bib has high absorbent properties that makes it easy to absorb baby’s drool and spit up, keeping your baby cloth completely dry.
  • Length: 32 * 30 cm, hook-&-loop closure for easy on & off that won’t be easily pulled off by feisty little hands.
  • It’s easier to change a bib than change the whole outfit, especially as your baby goes through the constant drooling stage of teething.
  • Keep the baby’s clothes dry and clean to prevent from drooling during feeding time, teething or playful time.
  • Baby Gift: Every new Mom-to be or Dad-to-be will fall in love with this considerate gift as it not only helps them to take better care of their little one but also reduces the work for them as new parents, it will be easier to wash the bibs than clothes.

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