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Baby Cognitive Development Toys

Product Description
$ 12.95


Cognitive development is how the brain processes information, makes sense of the world and applies its new knowledge. Brain development starts from birth as a baby starts to absorb and understand information that helps them exist in their environment. There are plenty of toys just like our eco-friendly products that promotes brain development and the different methods of learning.

Stack and Counting Cups Games

When building baby's toy collection, start with the classics! Nesting cups are popular for a reason, offering simple-yet-fun ways to play. Children love to fit them together, stack them up, or turn them over and hide things underneath. These eight colorful cups have large numbers embossed on the base so an older child can practice counting and begin building number recognition skills. You can 'count' on hours of fun! These toys are perfect while your baby is splashing on the tub while learning counting, define colors, and have fun!
Feature And Function:
  • Set includes 8 colorful cups, each in a different size
  • These cups nest together for developmental stacking play, developing hand-eye coordination and building problem solving skills.
  • The cups are embossed with numbers on the base to practice counting

Package Include: 1 Set * Stack Cup(Random Color)





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