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Newest 3 N 1 Neoprene Body Shaper

Product Description
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- Ship to United States for 7-14days!
- The low-profile groin wrap can be worn under or over clothing as needed.
- Use your fitness kit when cycling, running, using the elliptical In the sauna, rowing, training, and more fitness.
- Compression therapy increases circulation and retains therapeutic heat to promote healing of injured or inflamed muscles.
- Get rid of stubborn inner thigh and waist fat by shedding excess water weight, Make your legs and waist will look slimmer and toned.
- The waist trimmer with two adjustable straps around the thighs is flexible to adjust to your size and shape and contoured to fit around your thighs comfortably during exercise, provide effective thigh support and hold the muscle perfectly.

Material: Polyester

Package included:
1 x Thigh Trimmer