Get Over Yourself and Get Your Swimsuit On

Get Over Yourself and Get Your Swimsuit On

Get Over Yourself and Get Your Swimsuit On

We can choose to obsess over our bodies and keep covered this summer or we can choose to get over ourselves, get that swimsuit on and have fun with our families. Which one will you choose?

Last year, I came up with a brilliant idea to solve my annual swimwear issue. I’d buy a super cute swim dress. I pictured how stylish it would look–in a retro, Marilyn Monroe circa 1950 sort of way. The dress would cover my thighs and middle, be modest, and, likely adorable. I grabbed a few off the department store rack and excitedly rushed to the dressing room.


I looked a whole lot more like that crabby, 80-year-old woman on the Shoebox Greetings Cards, than any vintage sex symbol. It was just. plain. bad.

At this point, I realized I had four choices for the swim season ahead. I could:

1) Become a “yoga pants at the pool” mom. You know, the one whom you will never see in swim attire even when it’s 107 degrees out;

2) Research “How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week” and do that, every week until Labor Day;

3) Raid the kids’ college funds and get a tummy tuck, boob job, and liposuction; or

4) Figure out a way to enjoy summer activities without stressing over the imperfect state of my body.

I chose number four.

If you are looking ahead to swimsuit season with trepidation too, then, never fear. Help is here. You see, moms, I think there are actions we can take to prepare our hearts for the summer that will help us in ways that changing our bodies never could.

I’ll admit it won’t be super easy. But, hey, neither is that starvation diet, recovery from plastic surgery, or sweating your tail end off on the pool deck in black lycra capris and an oversized tee.

Here are the three ways we can prepare our hearts for swimsuit season:

Cease Comparison. Want to change the course of your swimsuit shopping, or, hey, your whole summer? Don’t look at the tag with the picture of the model wearing the suit. In fact don’t look at pictures of women in swimsuits, anywhere. I’m dead serious. Don’t even glance at them. Not on Facebook. Not in magazines. Not on television. Comparison’s needle pricks us over and again with every perfect swimsuit model image we digest until we bleed out every last drop of joy.

Truth: You may not look like she does in a swimsuit. But, can I ask, Why do you care? Life is not a beauty pageant where the mom who rocks the tankini best wins. We need to keep our eyes on what’s important–loving and serving God and our families. We need to stay focused on His greater purpose for our lives. The best news: You don’t have to wear a certain size or look like a cover model to do this well.

So, mamas? It’s time to get over ourselves and get our swimsuits ON. Let’s embrace who we are in Christ – and start having fun in the water with our kiddos this summer.

Courtesy of ForEveyMom

By Heather Creekmore

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